NQQ Channel Brand Reel.mp4

NQQ is SKY TV's entertainment channel
We did the branding with a bright and cheerful concept for the target millennials

- 客户: Sky TV

- 执行制片: Dongjune Kim

- 创意总监: Youngmin Kim

- 美术设计: Daeun Kim, Joonmoe Park

- 声音设计: Sunwoo Shawn Kim


- ZZAN: Youngmin Kim, Joonmoe Park

- The New World: Joonmoe Park

- Splash: Daeun Kim, Joonmoe Park

[Next]: Joonmoe Park, Daeun Kim

[Rating] : Joonmoe Park

[SO bumper]: Daeun Kim

[Original]: Daeun Kim, Joonmoe Park

[End Page] Joonmoe Park

[CG Element]: Daeun Kim



We selected various keywords for "fun" and applied them to images and animations.



We used high-colored ORANGE and CYAN as the main colors to match the bright and cheerful atmosphere. WHITE and NAVY are designated as secondary colors.



A stable layout system has been developed to assist in freewheeling symbolic animation.



We used a well-defined typeface to make the information look clear. The numbers, NOW, and NEXT are designed to match the graphic elements.





The animation was created to give a chewy and lively feeling of rhythm, and we directed the N(the symbol of entertainment) and QQ(the sound of laughter) responded to each other.






SVMaking NQQ.mp4